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- Degree in China, Practice in the U.S.
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  • Advantages Table
  • Medical Degree in China
    Practice in the U.S.
    Program Benefits
    • Study at the well-established medical school, i.e. China Medical University.
    • Dual major in Medical Science and Clinical Pharmacy leading to an MBBS degree and a Master equivalent certificate in Clinical Pharmacy.
    • One-year advanced clinical training in the U.S. to become equal footing with U.S. educated medical students to apply for the Residency. (33-week for Pre-Internship plus 12-week electives in 3 subspecialties)
    • Two Dean's letters to apply for the Residency match
    • Option to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
    • 12-week electives in 3 subspecialties at teaching hospitals across the U.S. where students intend to apply for the Residency match.
    • Double hospital rotations with much broader clinical exposure (four teaching hospitals in China with over 8,000 beds rendering 2.7 millions outpatient visits, 120,000 inpatient).
    • Learn the Chinese language
    • Double your learning experience at less than half the costs for the U.S. medical education.
      Tuition is RMB 110,000/year, pay in approximately US$18,200 (subject to currency exchange rate) for dual major in China.
    • Available alternative to U.S. students to pursue the medical study and practice in the U.S.
    “Our program can provide U.S. students with a unique learning environment to gain all necessary qualifications to make them stand out with a much stronger resume from candidates of other foreign and most U.S. educated medical graduates as well for the U.S. Residency match”
    -James Hu, President at Beth Healthcare, LLC
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