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- Degree in China, Practice in the U.S.
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  • “Comparison for study in China and in the U.S.”
  •   In China (China Medical University) In the States
    MCAT Not Required Yes
    Application Process Within 3 Months Over a year
    Dual Major Medical Science & Clinical Pharmacy Rarely
    On-Campus Lab Research Ample Opportunities Not Applicable
    Hospital Rotation Double (in China & in the US) Ordinary
    Electives Clinical Training 3 Subspecialties Not Applicable
    Holistic Medication Yes Not Applicable
    Dean's Letter Two Unsure
    Class Size 30 120-190
    Tuition RMB 110,000/year (dual major)
    (approximately U.S.$18,200)
    (plus FCELsurcharges of $2,000)
    Living Costs $260-300/month $1,800/month