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  • The Dual-Major at CMU
  • Qualified U.S. students who have completed premed courses will study at China Medical University (CMU), one of the top 10 medical universities in China. CMU is certified by the Medical Board of California and listed with the IMED.

    The study is divided into two parts:
    • During the first 4 years, students will pursue a dual major in Medical Science and Clinical Pharmacy at CMU. The lecture courses, research and hospital rotations are taught and guided in English.
    • For the 5th year, students will attend clinical training at CMU.

    After completing the 5-year study, qualified students will obtain a MBBS degree and Master equivalent Certificate of Completion in Clinical Pharmacy. Once the USMLE is passed and students complete their residency, the MBBS degree is converted into an M.D.

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